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Endotis Pharma — Company Profile

Endotis Pharma
Parc Eurasanté
70, rue du Docteur Yersin
59120 Loos


ENDOTIS PHARMA is a specialty pharma company dedicated to the discovery and development of small-glyco drugs (SGDs) for applications in thrombosis and oncology. These SGDs are analogues of glycosaminoglycans, the core field of expertise of Endotis’ scientists. Endotis Pharma has built a well-balanced portfolio of pre-clinical and clinical stage compounds.

Corporate Profile

Incorporated in 2003, Endotis Pharma is a specialty pharma company dedicated to the discovery and development of small-glyco drugs (SGDs) for applications in thrombosis and oncology.
These SGDs are analogues of glycosaminoglycans, the core field of expertise of Endotis’ scientists. Proof of concept has already been obtained with oligosaccharides in thrombosis (veinous and arterial cardiovascular diseases) and oncology, another promising therapeutic field.
Endotis Pharma has built a well-balanced portfolio of pre-clinical and clinical stage compounds (either in-licensed or generated by the company’s own R&D programmes) and currently has 28 employees (including 14 PhDs/MDs) based in Paris and Lille (France).
To date, Endotis Pharma has raised a total of 34 million euros with Sofinnova Partners (France), The Wellcome Trust (UK), Endeavour Vision (Switzerland) and NIF SMBC (Japan).

Business Strategy

Endotis business strategy consists in:
— Developing a de-risked portfolio of antithrombotic compounds from pre-clinical to clinical stages
— Leveraging its unique small-glyco drug engine in oncology

Partnering strategy:
Endotis will seek to partner antithrombotic drugs when proof of concept in man is reached, and to partner its oncology platform after proof of concept in animals is reached.
Endotis will also study other partnering opportunities.

In order to guide Endotis development, the company has built a strong management team under the leadership of Charles Woler, and assembled a Scientific Advisory Board and a Clinical Advisory Board with worldwide renowned in Glycoscience and Thrombosis.

Source: Endotis Pharma

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IATEC — Company Profile

199, rue Colbert
Bâtiment Rochefort
59000 Lille

Tel.: +33 (0)3 20 54 27 68
Fax: +33 (0)3 20 50 93 41

Since its foundation in 1999, IATEC has focused on delivering high-quality research across the globe. Clinical trials are becoming increasingly complex. Rules and regulations change constantly; investigators are over-solicited; access to resources is often problematic. But we understand the scientific and regulatory challenges you are facing and we have been able to transform what would seem to be threats into opportunities. This is why IATEC is a real added value CRO for any of your projects.

IATEC Clinical Trial Services is an independent, full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) that offers a comprehensive package of research services for the pharmaceutical industry. Working closely with our clients, we are committed to providing customized services that meet the required standards of quality – on time and within budget.

IATEC uses state-of-the art tools for data management, database construction and SAS® for data validation and descriptive and inferential statistics. Each of our individual activities, from protocol development and writing, validation and production, to data management, statistical analyses and report writing, is carefully monitored to ensure that we are always able to provide good-quality services.

IATEC offers a set of tailor-made services that meet the international quality standards of regulatory bodies such as the ICH, CPMP and FDA. Our own system of quality control ensures that our standards are guaranteed at all levels.

Source: IATEC

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Axyntis — Company Profile

Axyntis Group
8, rue de la Croix Jarry
75013 Paris

Tel.: +33 (0)1 44 06 77 00
Fax: +33 (0)1 44 06 76 99

Leading fine and specialty chemicals company, French-based, Axyntis independent group with its 350 employees offers a deep rooted technical experience — the history of dyes activity started in 1881 at Saint-Marcel and the history of fine chemicals in 1879 at Grasse under the name "Schmoller et Bompard" for perfumery. This group designs innovative chemical processes and offers project management in close relationship with its customers.

Axyntis group has two divisions. One is dedicated to dyes: Steiner. One is dedicated to fine chemicals: Axyntis fine chemicals. Each division has its specificity even if they share the same safety and environment policy as well as common services to develop synergies.

The dyes division, Steiner, is a synthetic dye producer since 1881. Dyes are formulated for petroleum, oils, paper, cardboard, leather, textile, wood, ink, plus various other applications. 80 people are working for Steiner in France, St Marcel, and produce 8000 tons of formulated products per year. Steiner R&D Laboratory — 10 people — formulates and develops new technologies for the future of our customers. Steiner customers are located in Europe, America, Africa, and in the entire Mediterranean Basin. Concerned by environment protection, Steiner is equipped with a water treatment station. Steiner is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Steiner has also a branch based in UK under the name of Steiner UK which operates for customers locally and brings an internal second source to secure the supply chain of its European customers.

The fine chemicals division, Axyntis fine chemicals, along with capacity of 380 m3 under cGMP, is split in four different plants, each of them having its own specificity:

These plants are complementary and enable a safety supply chain solution to the customers including internal back up strategy:

  • Orgapharm is designed for key advanced intermediates and APIs for Pharmaceuticals industry and LCD under exclusive relationship;
  • Centipharm is designed for exclusive key intermediates and generic API with its own regulatory support (US and European DMF and CEP);
  • All’Chem is designed for key intermediates for electronic, agro and specialty;
  • Synthexim is designed for key intermediates for pharma chemicals.

Both Orgapharm and Centipharm bring in addition Ramp;&D centers and Pilot capabilities which make these two plants a "one stop shop" for customers with a unique place for efficient transition phase between R&D and production (process development; scale up).

The four plants are Seveso II and two of them are high level compliant: this reflects the ability to perform complex chemistry and specific reactions that require high level of technical competence and specialized know-how.

With a competitive cost structure and a business network extended recently in the US and Asia, Axyntis group offers the best balance between expertise in specific reactions, flexibility, cost efficiency and time management for projects of innovative and fast growing companies in Europe, North America and Asia.

Rue du Moulin de la Canne
45300 Pithiviers

Tel.: +33 (0)2 38 06 20 00
Fax: +33 (0)2 38 30 24 24

Plant Director: Emmanuel Huet (

A polyvalent plant with high level cGMP compliance in both intermediate and API productions.

Chemin de la Madeleine
BP 45249
06131 Grasse Cedex

Tel.: +33 (0)4 93 70 01 32
Fax: +33 (0)4 93 70 05 65

Works manager: Guy Duquesne (

Fine organic chemical products with both high added value and high level GMP compliance.

Rue Marceau
BP 577
03108 Montluçon

Tel.: +33 (0)4 70 03 75 25
Fax: +33 (0)4 70 03 08 79

Plant Director: Pascal Feniet (

For high production volumes and long-lasting production campaigns of chemical specialties.

Rue des Mouettes
ZI des Dunes
62100 Calais

Tel.: +33 (0)3 21 96 85 00
Fax: +33 (0)3 21 96 04 25

Plant Director: Bertrand Cazin (

A 24/7 production plant operating in a five shifts system to supply your fine organic chemicals.

Steiner SAS
9, route de Rouen
27950 Saint-Marcel

Tel.: +33 (0)2 32 64 58 40
Fax: +33 (0)2 32 64 58 49

Plant Director: Laurent Choumery (

Our industrial mastering: a response to all your colouring needs.

Source: Axyntis

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Minakem — Company Profile

Minakem SAS
145, chemin des Lilas
59310 Beuvry-la-Forêt

Tel.: +33 (0)3 20 64 68 30
Fax: +33 (0)3 20 64 68 31

Minakem is a manufacturer of fine chemicals, advanced cosmetology, pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

We offer an independent partnership providing fine services for the life science industries.

Today, the largest pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies are routinely utilizing Minakem as their approved partner, developer and manufacturer for high-profile, proprietary compounds.

MINAKEM core business activities are :

— Synthesis of Starting Materials for the fine chemical industry in dedicated facilities with cost-effective processes, within or out of cGMP guidelines when not required.

— Custom Manufacturing of Key Intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry with finishing stages in qualified cGMP plants

— APIs manufacturing under cGMP guidelines


1952: Company’s foundation by Mr. Claude Dufour in the western suburb of Paris (Boulogne under the name of "Laboratoires du Bois de Boulogne" and renamed later on as SEAC.

1962: SEAC moves its industrial operations to its current location north of France in Beuvry la Foret near Lille.

1988: SEAC becomes a 100% subsidiary of the French company CFPI.

1998: CFPI is acquired by Nufarm Limited, the Australian chemical group, further positioning itself in the agrochemical market. SEAC remains managed as a stand-alone company within the group, focusing on fine chemicals.

2005: Minakem Holding SAS acquired all the assets related to the custom synthesis, including the R&D laboratories, pilot plant and manufacturing resources from SEAC.

Operating under the name of Minakem SAS, headquarters were relocated to Beuvry la Forêt. The company is privately owned.

Minakem establishes Minakem, L.L.C in the United States (New Jersey). This new affiliate manages the groups North-American business and support its development within the domestic market.

Source: Minakem

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